Tactical voting

Stan Grodynski (Letters, 24 
February) has at last said something I agree with. He says that my raison d’etre appears to be to stop the SNP at all costs.

He is spot on. How perceptive of him!

When the sole reason for the existence of the SNP is separation from the rest of the UK, which to my mind is nationalistic lunacy, of course I want to see them fail at the election.

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As far as the gullibility of the electorate goes, the 45 per cent who voted Yes on the basis of
the white paper on independence, which has been widely regarded as a work of pure fiction, and the spurious claims and 
assertions of Alex Salmond et al in the lead up to the referendum and since, have demonstrated just how gullible a great many people are.

Donald Lewis

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East Lothian