Tactical moves

Alex Salmond has confidently stated we won’t vote tactically in Scotland – and that Tories in particular won’t bring themselves to vote Labour as the lesser of two evils against the SNP. Your front page article (28 April) would suggest otherwise.

With YouGov research, on behalf of Scotland in Union, predicting that one in seven Scots plans to vote for whoever has the best chance of defeating the SNP in their constituency, increasingly pro-Union voters realise that they must put country before party.

Worryingly for Alex Salmond, the drive behind tactical voting is particularly strong in Gordon, the constituency he is using to try to re-launch his political career.

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The former First Minister was notoriously wrong about the outcome of the referendum – it looks as though he could very well be wrong about tactical voting too.

Martin Redfern

Royal Circus


You published an interesting article on tactical voting. It is certainly an issue, as canvassers will tell you (they also know of the large number of undecideds, regardless of what the polls are saying).

How ironic it would be if Jim Murphy held his seat because of Tory tactical voters, bearing in mind what he has been saying about the Conservatives all through the campaign!


Dean Road