T in the Park

It is gratifying to see that the T in the Park government handout is to be investigated by a 
Holyrood committee (your 
report, 16 September).

Some of us might have preferred £150,000 of taxpayers’ money to be used to ease the sufferings of refugees or aid the vulnerable in our society rather than boost the profits of a private company – regardless of whether the ministerial code was breached or not.

Nevertheless, if the investigation finds that the code was breached then the SNP would be guilty not only of a serious misdemeanour in the first place but also – since their own internal investigation cleared Fiona Hyslop – of an attempted cover up. Do we see an SNP T-gate in the making?

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However, given that the investigation committee has five SNP members out of nine, what is the likelihood that the outcome will be – as has so often been the case in the past – a whitewash?

Colin Hamilton

Braid Hills Avenue