Sultans of spin

There can be no better example of why people have such 
little faith in the current 
political system than George 
Osborne’s claim that he has halved the UK’s £1.7bn European Union budget surcharge (your report, 8 November).

This statement is a highly disingenuous attempt to 
mask what is, in fact, a diplo-
matic disaster for the UK Government.

The UK will pay two interest-free sums next year totalling £850m, instead of the larger lump sum by 1 December.

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However, the UK rebate of £785m from Brussels due in 2016 has simply been brought forward to cover the other half due.

Therefore to argue that this was some sort of “victory” by 
the UK is patent nonsense and an insult to human intelligence.

Alex Orr

Leamington Terrace