Sudoku challenge

My wife has a bone to pick with The Scotsman. She has been accustomed to sitting me in a corner with a coffee, a pen and that day’s copy of the paper open at the competitions page.

While I wrestle with the hard version of Sudoku, sometimes for half an hour or more, my wife is able to consider the major issues of the day – whether the Third World War will break out in Ukraine; Will Terry Butcher ever turn Hibs into a football team? Should her husband be permitted a pie for his lunch?

Lately she has become perturbed at my new-found ability to finish the hard Sudoku in record times – yesterday less than three minutes.

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This allowed me ample time to show her where Ukraine is on the map, provide a detailed critique of her opinion that Terry should go for a false No 10 and argue forcibly that two lettuce leaves and a sprig of parsley were not sufficient to keep hunger at bay.

My wife is not a cynical person but is disinclined to believe my assertion that I have become a master numeric logician overnight. Instead, she suspects the person responsible for providing the hard sudoku competition has bought Sudoku for Four-Year-Olds by mistake and is frightened to tell the editor. She would like the situation remedied pronto so peace and calm can once again envelop the Lewis household.

ian lewis

Mayfield Terrace


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