Subsidy bills

Andrew Eaton-Lewis (Perspective, 27 February) failed to identify who pays the bulk of the subsidy bill for the renewables 

These regressive green levies are in fact largely paid by those in fuel poverty as the well-off can mitigate these costs by fitting solar panels (FIT scheme), installing biomass units (RHI scheme) or erecting wind turbines (ROC scheme).

It is unfortunate that Mr Eaton-Lewis did not mention the efforts of Michael Rieley of Scottish Renewables, whose article (7 November, 2014) attempts to persuade Holyrood to scrap these regressive green levies and reimburse the renewables sector using the new tax powers being granted to the Scottish Parliament.

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The writer also made no mention of the fact that around 90 per cent of renewable subsidies are currently paid by English and Welsh consumers via the UK grid pricing structures.

In addition, he made no reference to the articles by Brian Wilson, who points out that a ruling by the European Court of Justice means that an independent Scotland cannot charge these foreign consumers for the renewable 
element of any electricity sold outside the Scottish grid area.

Ian Moir

Queen Street

Castle Douglas

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