Still No Power

Predictably, the SNP are making a song and dance about the UK Government making it plain that certain public works have been paid for by them and putting our flag on them.

Of course, when the European Union puts its flag on the (very few) public works it seems to fund in the UK, there is not a peep from the SNP. They prefer to spend the money that they get from the government, while abusing them for it.

I have worked out that the SNP stands for “Still No Power”, because all they do is ruin the unique Scottish landscape and seascape with useless wind farms with absurd names in a language that hardly anyone in Scotland understands: “Neart na Gaoithe.”

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In future, Scottish taxpayers’ contribution to the spendthrift Holyrood regime will be spent on electricity made by nuclear power stations in England and France, rather then here, where it will be needed.

However, the EU’s contribution (and the SNP’s too, to give them their due) should be to have a very large sign with the SNP logo and the EU flag hung over Longannet saying: “Closed by the SNP and EU.”

At least, in future, there is always the bright side to look on. Scottish families will not need to worry about Big Brother’s guardians relying on CCTV to spy on how they look after their children. There won’t be any electricity to power the cameras.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive