Stay in the mix

In response to Mr Lawrence Marshall (Letters, 2 September) I totally endorse what he says about the bitter division that has been created due to the vitriolic behaviour of certain people. They do no favour to Scotland!

I, too, believe in the whole 
of Britain, not just an isolated part. I am a mixture of nationalities – English, French, Irish and Greek – and I am inextricably linked with both Scotland and England.

I was born in London and when I was 25 met and married a Scotsman – and I have lived in Scotland now since 1960. My son and daughter were born in Scotland and, whilst my son lives here with his family, my daughter lives in England with her family. I still have other relations and friends in the south and I would be heart-broken to think that at some point this wonderful union of countries might be shattered and the easy communication that has always been ongoing would be ruined.

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When I lost my husband I remarked that it felt as if an arm had been wrenched from my body – this is exactly how it will feel if Scotland is wrenched from the rest of the UK!

Helene Scott

Lanark Road West

Currie, Edinburgh