State aid

There is a simple answer to the fees dilemma (your report, 22 March) . When I went to Edinburgh University in 1957, my fees were £1,100. This was lot of money at the time, but they were paid by the Scottish Education Department. I got an industrial scholarship from the now defunct Scottish steel industry, but I believe some people even got grants.

It may be illegal for universities to charge different rates depending on nationality, but it is not illegal for a government or local industry to help its nationals or local population. Indeed, that is what they should be doing. So bring back the SED. It does not even need to have people, a computer program is all that is necessary to redirect the fees.

I suspect that this is just one of the scares that – according to the No campaign – makes independence so difficult. A bit of thought will get round them all.

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George Shering

West Acres Drive

Newport-on-Tay, Fife