Squalid reality

While it is difficult, if not impossible, to argue with Brian Wilson’s comments about inequalities in Scotland (Perspective, 27 December) can The Scotsman not update its library photographs?

It seems as though anytime a story or feature mentions “deprivation” the editor wheels out the same stereotypical photo of hooded Glaswegian youths and car tyres in front of boarded up flats.

While many disadvantaged communities continue to exist in our country is it not time to admit that this particular photographic representation is passed its sell by date?

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If it would help I’d happily take your photographer to get some updated shots which might provide a more accurate representation.

John Cameron

Bonaly Rise


Don’t many other cities, towns and even villages have “wastelands” like that pictured in Glasgow? (Perspective, 27 December)? Moreover the figures appear to be teenagers in the “fashionable uniform” of tracksuits and trainers.

The picture illustrates so wonderfully well, how over the years the “private has trumped the public.”

It must be more than 50 years ago since JK Galbraith contrasted “private affluence with public squalor.”

Shouldn’t we take the necessary political action to rid ourselves of glaring urban “deprivation” like this?

Arguably all policies to redistribute wealth and income should include getting rid of any “public squalor.”

Ellis Thorpe

Old Chapel Walk

Inverurie, Aberdeenshire