Spin response

I refer to Stan Grodynski’s typical response (Letters, 31 January) to my letter of 30 January.

I have no idea where he finds any spin but paranoia can sometimes cloud one’s vision. I assume from what he writes that he saw the select affairs committee programme to which I referred.

As I said, three professors gave technical answers based on their expertise and would not be drawn on speculative issues. There could not have been a programme with less spin.

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The programme was everything that Mr Grodynski calls 
for in his penultimate paragraph, “more unspun facts, 
and the application of
common sense by commentators, without the confusing 
accompaniment of further 

I would have to say that no matter how many facts Nationalists are presented with, they 
remain in a state of denial.

Donald Lewis


East Lothian

I did enjoy the opening sentence in the letter from Andrew HN Gray (30 January): “I can only assume that English-born SNP minister Mike Russell suffers from an acute form of self-loathing due to the place of his birth.”

Given the utterances of Mr Gray over the years one can but say: “Hear ye the voice of 

Thomas R Burgess

St Catherine’s Square