Speed the essence

Thank you for exposing the ineptitude in running trains between Glasgow/Edinburgh and Inverness.

As Inverness further develops as both a specific destination and a base for onward travel it needs a solid, competitive rail “spine” to the Central Belt. Not everyone has the luxury of ample time to indulge enjoying in the beauty of Scotland’s remoter areas by road.

I travelled back from Inverness on Thursday and the 14:48 to Glasgow was 5 minutes late leaving.

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It made up the time and lost it again at Dunkeld, whilst waiting for a crossing service. After Stirling there was a further delay whilst we were routed via Cumbernauld.

Scotrail say this was due to reasons of capacity and crew training. Give us the extra infrastructure and faster line speeds in preference to yet more swathes of tarmac.


Rydal Cumbria