Sorry business

As opinion polls narrow and Nationalists grow more vocal, it’s high time we all reflect on the state of our nation before it’s too late. If the result is as close as opinion polls presently suggest, we will have a divided nation, regardless of the outcome, but at what economic cost?

As the managing director of a small business that supplies the life sciences research sector throughout the UK, a Yes victory is of great concern to me.

We are the appointed UK distributor for a number of manufacturers from across the globe including Japan, the USA and mainland Europe. So, as the pound sinks in value, our costs are now rising.

With more than 80 per cent of our trade coming from south of the Border, the pressure on us to relocate to England will become compelling.

As a proud Scot, should this come to pass I will feel I have been driven out of my country by blinkered Nationalists pursuing their mantra of so-called 


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From conversations I’ve had with similar small business owners I’m not alone in coming to this sad conclusion.

Galen Milne

Thistle Scientific



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