Solution to slugs

I read that the loss of slug pesticides, which are banned by the EU, will cause devastation amongst crops and result in enormous financial losses for farmers (your report, 6 March).

While research is ongoing into alternative methods of controlling these voracious pests, I have an infallible, albeit small-scale, solution. In strategic areas of my garden I have sunk pots full of out-of-date beer (a sacrilege to some, I know).

These pots are made from old plastic bottles cut in half – deep enough to hold diluted beer but too deep for the inebriated slugs to climb back out. I assure you that this method is amazingly effective – scores of slugs enjoy their final drink every night in these traps and my plants no longer have leaves that look like lace. There is only one side-effect of this method – one of the sunken traps appears to be on a trail used by a neighbourhood cat and the contents need replenishing very frequently.

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The cat appears to be gaining weight but, as it now spends most of its time sleeping, the garden birds appear to be benefiting – so a very satisfactory result all round.

Jenny Main

Market Drive

Elgin, Moray