Solar subsidies

Ofgem, the electricity regulator, has reported that more than 35,000 Scottish homes and 600 businesses now get most of their electricity from the sun.

This is minuscule. The main reason for the uptake of solar panels is that people with money take it out of the bank and get a far higher return, tax- free, than bank interest and it is guaranteed for 20/25 years.

Their less well-off neighbours pay. Sunny Spain has abolished solar panel subsidies and companies are bankrupt. If that happens here, where are the householders’ guarantees?

Campaigners, including WWF Scotland, are urging the Scottish government to do more.

What they really mean is they want larger mouth-watering subsidies.

WWF Scotland has become a propaganda machine for the renewable industry and moved away from its core ethos.

Dan Arnott

St Brycedale Court