Solar power off

As reality kicks in that solar and wind power is expensive – and paid for by electricity users – there is a mad scramble to try to convince the UK consumer that the sacrifice is worthwhile.

The latest is the article (Platform, 8 July) by Nick Boyle, chief executive of a solar energy generator company. There is an obvious vested interest.

Spain has pulled the plug on solar subsidies and, as a result, solar companies have gone into liquidation.

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This will happen in Britain, so beware of the door-to-door salesman who promises huge returns but will not be around to honour equipment guarantees.

Why should the householder who can afford the £5,000 to £10,000, or more, be subsidised by neighbours and others who just do not have these resources?

Nick Boyle says the UK needs to reduce its dependency on foreign suppliers such as Russia.

Shale oil and shale gas are now being imported from the US where they have huge reserves.

Since they have no need for coal this is also being shipped in to Europe to provide cheaper electricity – which is something solar and wind power can never do.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road