SNP riches

It WAS with much hilarity that I read the criticism of the SNP, which, according to the Electoral Commission, had an income of £5 million last year. The party has been warned by the opposition parties of the dangers of getting close to “rich and powerful” people (your report, 3 August).

Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have received donations from such “rich and powerful” people for years.

Earlier this year David Cameron released details of 12 Tory donors who had dinner at Downing Street, and five who ate with him at Chequers, as the result of the furore sparked by Conservative co-treasurer Peter Cruddas when he told undercover reporters that a donation of £250,000 or more could secure them an invitation to meet the Prime Minister.

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Labour leader, Ed Miliband, had six meetings with businessman Andrew Rosenfeld, who lent Labour £1m before the 2005 election, and has given £120,000 under his leadership.

It smacks of utter hypocrisy to criticise the SNP for receiving money from so-called “rich and powerful” people, when the other parties have been taking money from such sources for decades.

Alex Orr

Leamington Terrace