SNP responsibility

With the Labour Party south of the Border leaderless and Jim Murphy in Scotland set to stand down next month, it is clear that it will be the SNP and its 56-strong group of MPs who have the moral imperative to provide robust and effective opposition to the Tories, not only in Scotland but across the UK.

Labour have failed to develop a strong alternative to the Tory agenda in a range of areas – including austerity, the economy, the welfare state and Europe – the issues that look set to be at the forefront of business in the new House of Commons.

The SNP, by contrast, have a powerful manifesto mandate to oppose austerity, propose investment in job creation, speak out against cuts in benefits for disabled people, and insist that the UK cannot leave the European Union unless all four of its constituent parts agree.

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Effective SNP opposition to the Tories will not only be good for Scotland, but leading this progressive alternative will also be to the benefit of people throughout the UK. And that first test will come with scandalous Tory proposals to replace the Human Rights Act with a Bill of Rights.

Alex Orr

Leamington Terrace