SNP openness

I applaud Douglas Turner’s frankness in declaring his position (Letters, 4 February) on Nato, the currency and a “seamless transition” into the EU should Scotland become independent.

The “party” line during the referendum was quite different from his on all three issues though one suspects that the SNP’s motivation for the adoption of these positions was political posturing rather than conviction.

I am sure Mr Turner’s views were shared by a substantial number of SNP supporters on the ground and I also suspect that at least the first two of Mr Turner’s wishes would have been fulfilled sooner rather than later had a Yes vote been achieved. Many also would favour not rejoining the EU at all but joining the EFTA.

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I do not, therefore, think that Mr Turner is “doomed”, as he amusingly puts it, for making his views known.

The SNP are doing their damnedest to ensure that a Tory government is installed in May. There would then be no doubt that they would put another referendum at the forefront of their campaign for the Scottish elections next year.

Perhaps Mr Turner’s party would conduct a second referendum campaign with the same honesty as he himself has shown and reveal that their genuine policies on Nato, the currency and the EU are not very different from his own.

Colin Hamilton

Braid Hills Avenue