SNP control

I’m sorry to see that Joe Darby (Letters, 10 March) has joined the small group of eccentric contributors to the letters columns who persist in perpetuating the bizarre myth that the SNP has the capacity (or will) to create a totalitarian state.

I have to say that with a 
membership which is composed of around 50 per cent women and around 30 per cent under 
30, toleration of that kind of 
strategy would be highly improbable.

However, if we wish to consider erosion of our democracy, let’s look at the Labour Party, which is going to include the renewal of Trident in its manifesto against the wishes of 75 per cent of its parliamentary candidates.

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It also has a candidate in Dundee East who has been forbidden to refuse a campaign donation from Tony Blair.

In the Tories we have a party which says that only the first three children in a family will receive child benefit – a benefit which they have cut so much that, in real terms its value is at a lower level than 1977.

In the Liberal Democrats, we have Danny Alexander once again utilising the resources of the allegedly neutral Treasury civil servants to provide him with campaign ammunition against the SNP.

In another irony, we have another letter from Roger Cartwright (9 March) who repeats Brian Wilson’s assertion that “universities are afraid to speak up”.

Can I suggest that Dr Cartwright reads an interesting article by David O’Leary in The Scotsman (7 March) wherein the principals of Edinburgh and Dundee universities Sir Timothy O’Shea and 
Professor Pete Downes, do precisely that.

Douglas Turner

Derby Street