SNP backs ‘devo-plus’ for independence vote

This is a good reason not to rush the referendum – in order to clarify and debate what is actually on offer.

- Onwards

By the time the referendum comes around there will have been so much talk about devo-plus, devo-max and independence itself that the vast majority of people will be well versed in the arguments.

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- Brianwci

Oh dear, this makes it look as if Alex Salmond has bottled it. Or is it all just a cunning plan to get Unionists on board with the idea of a second question being acceptable, then later changing that second question to something else?

- Handsome Scotsman

I think this is a mistake. The SNP would be offering a vote on something it cannot deliver. Westminster could theoretically ignore a vote for devo-max or, as with the Calman report, water it down. Only by voting for full independence will we force Westminster to act.

- Maczorba

So the Scottish National Party isn’t for complete independence after all this?

- Harvey Mushman

So the choice for the referendum is simple and stark in its clarity. You can either vote for full power, full revenue and full autonomy or you can vote for much less of everything, all of which can be taken away even more quickly than it was given at the time!

- Well informed

Neat manoeuvring from Alex. You got your own way and made the other parties think it was their idea.

- Prof Evil

Having failed to define what it believes independence is, the SNP now suggests adding devo-plus to the referendum, even though it is not defined.

- Blantyre Bill