Smoke screen

It is no surprise to see the 
Tobacco Retailers Association (TRA) speaking for the tobacco industry on the subject of plain, standardised packs (Letters, 18 February).

The TRA is funded by the 
Tobacco Manufacturers’ Alliance, whose members are ­Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International and British American 

The tobacco industry lost its own credibility years ago by consistently putting its profits above the health of its customers and now often uses retailer voices to spearhead its campaigns.

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The claims by the tobacco industry that standardised tobacco packaging will increase illicit tobacco sales are often repeated but have never been substantiated. These claims are not supported by professionals working in front-line enforcement.

Tobacco is still primarily a childhood epidemic. It is responsible for a quarter of all preventable adult deaths in Scotland and kills half of its long-term regular consumers.

We all – including retailers – need to work hard to protect the next generation from an addictive and lethal substance.

Which retailer wouldn’t support restrictions to ensure it is sold more responsibly?

Sheila Duffy

ASH Scotland

Frederick Street