Slur on Labour

I sometimes despair of voters’ gullibility in listening to the SNP rhetoric about the Labour/Tory roles during the referendum and its relevance to forthcoming 

The referendum was about a single issue in which both sides drew support from groups that in other circumstances would be politically opposed to each other.

The SNP have cynically sought to portray Labour as being the same as the Tories as they supported the same argument.

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Does this then mean that the SNP are the same as the Socialist Workers Party, who were on the same side of the argument as the SNP?

Utter nonsense. It is disappointing that voters have not seen through this slur on the 
Labour Party.

And while on the subject of “strange bedfellows”, the nationalists seem to have a short memory and have conveniently forgotten about 1979 when they joined forces with the Tories to bring down the Labour government, which heralded the Thatcher years, and have also forgotten that between 2007 and 2011 they formed a minority government in Holyrood and governed with the help of the Tories. Stones and glass houses come to mind.

It’s time voters woke up and smelt this cynical political deceit and based their judgment on past achievements (or failings) of electoral promises and the future commitments of all parties.

Paul Lewis

Guardwell Crescent