Slow off the mark

In the unlikely event that Lesley Hinds, City of Edinburgh Council transport convenor, and her cohorts seriously appreciate what their machinations have already done, and are about to do, to the already chaotic traffic conditions in parts of this city by imposing a blanket 24/7 20mph restriction, it is to be hoped that they are aware that many of the targeted thoroughfares are almost devoid of traffic after the evening rush hour until the following

It is truly nonsensical to curtail the speed of road movements during these hours and is indicative of the muddled
thinking which continues to
produce projects of this nature.

It can surely only be a question of time before this city, a so-called leader in innovative initiatives, turns the clock back to the late 19th century and reintroduces the man with a red flag walking in front of all motor vehicles.

Brian Farish

Baird Grove


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The ridiculous idea of imposing a 20mph speed limit in Edinburgh city would be highly environmentally unfriendly on two counts.

Firstly, every driver would wind up using far more fuel travelling in a low gear and, secondly, and more significantly, the levels of pollution throughout the city would greatly increase due to all the extra exhaust fumes that cars, buses and taxis would emit as they take longer to complete their journeys.

Duncan McGregor



Thank goodness for the new 20mph speed limit in Edinburgh, which is about 10mph faster than is currently achievable.

Alistair Richardson

Pelstream Avenue