Size prejudice

I am extremely frustrated by the way obese people are expected to pay more for products than 
everyone else.

This week I went on the internet to buy a jacket and a 40-inch chest was £25; as I am a 50 inch chest I was charged £40.

That is 60 per cent extra in price for 25 per cent extra in size.

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Manufacturers may try to 
justify this excessive cost by 
saying that more material is needed for obese people but they don’t have 25 per cent longer arms as they are not 25 per cent taller.

With 64 per cent of adults in the UK being classed as obese is it not time for manufacturers to realise that their average customers are not super-skinny and to stop discriminating against larger people?

Life for people who are overweight is tough enough with disparaging comments such as those of Katie Hopkins, without making them pay through the nose to look nice.

It is an overweight person’s right to eat what they want and wear what they want without being penalised.

Gordon Kennedy

Simpson Square