Brian Wilson (Perspective, 27 December) is correct when he points out that while in government the SNP has done virtually nothing to improve health/longevity/education or to bring about the fairer society that it declares to be its aim.

Dr Cartwright (Letters, same day) also makes an excellent point about the SNP/Yes supporters literally and metaphorically shouting down anyone who dares ask a reasonable question or refute a pro-independence claim.

We should not be surprised at either of the above points. Rather, we should take heed of the very obvious message that they carry:

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The SNP is a single-issue party in which the party line is rigidly enforced.

All day-to-day issues that affect all the people of Scotland – health, education, the economy, social services, energy – come second to the principal goal it will devote its energy (and our money) to achieving, that of full independence – despite the stated wish of a significant majority of the voting population.

Anyone who voted No in September should be very, very concerned. The SNP will not give up: everything will continue to be focused on this main aim, its very raison d’etre. If it continues in power in Scotland and gains seats at Westminster, we will face years of continued division and the certain prospect of a “Neverendum”.

The only solution is to get them out of office and the only way to achieve this is for the No voters to turn out and vote tactically against the SNP.

David Allan