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Ruth Davidson

Boris Johnson should appoint Ruth Davidson as Secretary of State for Scotland - Euan McColm

Excellent idea - a politician who honest and competent - not too many in Scotland.

Mitch Mackinnon

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Political suicide if he does it. Well in the ‘responsible for ending the Union’ sense not the ‘the constituency of England will never forgive him,’ sense obviously.

Andy Donnelly

She achieved nothing in the Scottish parliament apart from being the darling of the BBC. Why would it be any different working for Westminster?

Patricia Anderson

Be a great asset to the independence cause.

Donnie Johnston

Doesn't that appointment need to be an MP? Or do you think an unelected official is better than an MP?

Daz Ostler

Do you mean an unelected Tory rather than an elected one? Making decisions for Scotland without a mandate?

Thomas Duffy

Without doubt that is a brilliant suggestion

Steven Richardson

So putting an unelected member of the House of Lords in a position to "keep an eye on Scotland". That's going to pan out well isn't it? Especially when it's someone as poisonous and useless as her.

Henry Fowler

A politician who managed the amazing feat of getting a smaller share of the vote than Thatcher! Maybe she is less popular than she seems.

Andy Stephen

“You wouldn't vote for her, Scotland, but we've decided you're getting her anyway” - genius.

David Tunnah

She is not an elected MP or MSP, so does Scotland have to be dictated to by an unelected (sold Scotland out ) baroness? OK then.

Lynn Hamilton

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Don’t do it Boris. She’ll be laughed all the way to the Border!

Brian Pugh

Remind us all how many elections did her leadership win?

Gordon Stafford

LOL. The paper tiger who was never there for constituents or for journos who asked awkward questions. That would suit the SNP as she gets shot down in flames by Nicola at question time. She is not as clever as she seems to think she is. Way above her station. Bright as a blackout.

Derek Barnes

Great idea, put someone whom the Scottish people rejected in charge. This will boost the independence surge. Win-win for Scotland.

Mhari MacRae

What exactly did Barren-ness Davidson achieve as an MSP?

Angelo Greig

Ruth was utterly useless as a politician and she got lower poll results than Thatcher; ducked a ton of questions she couldn't answer; is totally all mouth and no trousers when it comes right down to it - she's universally disliked.

Michael John-William Smith

Who do we appoint as Secretary of State for England?

Garaidh McLausch

She's just an expert at watching which way the wind’s blowing and milking it for all its worth. Let's not forget her screaming at Boris Johnson during the Brexit run up that the Brexy people were making it up about the EU dictatorship wanting to build an Army and a federal state.

Gerald Reilly

Bring it on. Best candidate the indy movement has.

Paul McMungall

Covid travel

Why can planes fly at maximum capacity but ferries can only be 30 per cent full?

With the lack of social distancing it is not currently safe to travel on a plane as highlighted by the number of Covid outbreaks traced to air travel. It is however it is relatively safe to travel on a Calmac Ferry where social distancing is places, as highlighted that no outbreaks have been traced to ferry travel.

Paul Stalker

Get with the plot. The ferry companies obviously aren't donating as much money to the Conservative party as the airline companies.

Ritchie Nicoll

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Why can 16,000 random people get in Murrayfield or thousands travel on public transport to the centre of London, but when people who are in top fitness and adhere to every possible Covid requirements want to compete in a highly organised event, the council pulls its approval with hours before the start? Tough mudder, thousands of pounds wasted, countless hours of training time for nothing.

Jimi Marshall

Plane’s are worse. Recycled air.

George V Guy

Exactly. Shambolic supposed science....not!

Murray Hutchison



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