Shaling out

In a dramatic U-turn, in the face of Labour pressure in the Commons this week, the government accepted an amendment tabled by MP Caroline Flint that included 13 rules that will govern the regulation of shale gas extraction.

She later commented that eight out of ten homes still rely on gas for heating and that safe, sustainable gas extraction is one of the options for the future.

Experts believe that Britain will need gas for decades to come for heating as well as electricity generation.

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Do Ms Flint and the experts not realise that gas is on the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) hit list?

The government is planning, within five years, to phase out the use of gas for both cooking and heating our homes.

This fact has been deliberately withheld from the public, and unions, and was hidden in the 244-page report from the DECC.

Politicians and unions must get up to speed on this proposal and have it binned before this “green” legislation causes mass unemployment and cold-
weather deaths.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road