Serious industry

I WOULD like to make sure your readers understand that the idea of using television to inspire young people to become front-of-house service staff was more your correspondent's idea than my own view (your report, 12 July).

Recruitmentis a vital issue that will have a direct effect on the Scottish tourism industry and I wish people would take it more seriously.

The old reputation of under-valuing the status of our staff through poor salaries,working hours and conditions and lack of trainingis out of date.

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The industry isexciting and career-structured for those who want to make the most of it,with immense opportunities for those who are enthusiastic about lifeand love being involved withthe public.

Graduates should not under-estimate the importance of this industry and the skills required in order to succeed atfirst-stage, supervisory and managerial level.Leadership, financial, marketing, IT and management knowledge are required at every level, together with an interest in Scottish food and cooking and the world of wine.

It is vital to have a good knowledge of Scotland to be able to engage with visitors. There is huge scope to excel and rise to earn a top salary at a young age. There are also immense opportunities to combine a fantastic lifestyle with a small business in any part of our beautiful country.


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