Sepa is failing us

At last, anti-wind campaigners had at least some vindication with your report into wind farm pollution (24 March).

For years, we have been challenging the claims that wind is green and free. For every instance of pollution reported to Sepa you can be sure many go unreported. There are shocking instances of environmental catastrophe at wind farm sites across the world to be found with a simple internet search.

The silence from wind- promoting environmental groups is deafening.

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It is a pity they are not as rob­ust in their condemnation of pollution caused by wind farm construction and turbine manufacture as they are of other forms of energy generation.

Sepa is not fully assessing the detailed effects of wind farms prior to planning approval.

Close scrutiny comes only after approval when the public are not involved and there to see what is going on.

The majority of work is then done from a desk away from the actual wind farm site as they try and deal with the situation.

Postponement of assessments is, as a matter of principle, to be avoided, as it means that key environmental effects are not properly assessed at the initial decision-making stage.

Whether it is lack of funding or available staff, the only conclusion can be that, as far as wind farms are concerned, Sepa is not fit for purpose.

Lyndsey Ward


The programme Lambing Live has come from the Pentlands this year and it has been a wonderful advertisement for our tourist industry.

The photography has captured the beauty of the area and will encourage even more visitors than the 600,000 who currently visit the Pentland Hills Regional Park.

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It is unbelievable that locals have had to spend nearly nine years fighting wind farm development by trying to uphold the Mildothian Local Plan, which says the setting of the Pentland Hills should be protected.

Proposals at Auchencorth Moss, Spurlens Rig and Gilston have all been defeated, but wind farm development at Mount Lothian, Cloich Forest and Stev­enson Hill/Hag Law are current threats. What a way to run a country! I think a major problem is that energy and tourism have the same minister. The needs are chalk and cheese.

Celia Hobbs

Peebles Road