Send Robison

How kind of Nicola Sturgeon to promise to protect the English NHS (your report, 22 January).

Surely the people of Scotland would rather the SNP spent time sorting out the lack of consultants, the bed blocking, the A&E crisis and the myriad of problems in the Scottish NHS before promising to help others who probably neither need nor would welcome the assistance of the SNP.

However, as every vote for the SNP makes a Conservative majority in May more likely perhaps Ms Sturgeon feels the need to compensate by offering help to those south of the Border even if the English NHS appears in better shape than that in Scotland or Wales.

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She could of course send to England Scottish health secretary Shona Robison, which would be an immediate step to improving the Scottish NHS as Ms Robison does not recognise a problem when it is placed before her on a plate as her lacklustre responses to issues within the Scottish NHS since her appointment shows.

This was the lady who during the referendum seemed to suggest that it was better to lower the pension age than work to increase life expectancy.

(Dr) Roger I 

Turretbank Place