Second opinion

Labour leader Ed Miliband’s announcement that he would scrap the House of Lords and replace it with an elected senate with fair representation for all areas of the UK is to be ­welcomed.

Does it matter if he has stolen or adapted a policy from the ­Liberal Democrats? It is a policy, I believe, that would be seen to be fair and just and would have wide support from voters – the sort of measure that would help to kick-start a recovery of the party’s standing, and not just in Scotland.

Also to be welcomed is the proposed overhaul of the committee system in Scotland (your report, 1 November).

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The SNP has shown how this system can be used as an instrument of policy rather than a means of holding the government to account.

Ensuring that no single party had a majority of members on any committee, and publishing the civil servants’ draft reports along with final reports, might be steps in the right direction.

A second chamber – or the equivalent – which is fit for purpose is required in both
the Westminster and Holyrood ­parliaments.

Colin Hamilton

Braid Hills Avenue