Sea link snatched

If Rick Wilson’s fears are correct (Letters, 6 July) and HMS Elizabeth cannot exit from the Firth of Forth due to the Forth Bridges, will it be possible to use it as a car ferry between the banks of the Firth?

Is it high enough to be linked to the tram or rail network as well?

Joking apart, an aircraft carrier without aircraft is of no use to the people of Scotland, whereas a passenger ferry to the continent would be.

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The superb and much missed Rosyth Ferry (passengers) was stymied by a combination of Euro jiggerie-pokerie and English business acumen.

In a recent Scotsman article the airport at Newcastle complained that independence would reduce the number of customers it attracts, obviously not knowing that DFDS Seaways had used a European ruling to put a stop to the passenger service at Rosyth in order to increase the footfall on the Newcastle/North Shields ferry, doing a great disservice to everyone wanting to travel either way from Zeebrugge to Rosyth, and also to travel businesses in Scotland.

Iain WD Forde

Main Street

Scotlandwell, Kinross-shire