Scottish NHS complaints reach record levels

I feel so sorry for the nurses having to deal with patients and their loved ones who think that they have paid for a five-star hotel and are not getting their money’s worth. Such is society today, no work, only take.

– Fergie35

Well, at least Nationalists can’t scream about it being the fault of Westminster since the health service is completely devolved.

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– Rab Haw the Glesca Glutton

Many are jumping on to 
the complaints procedure bandwagon. While there will be a few serious complaints, there will be many silly complaints, all of which make up these figures; give the NHS a break! Without the NHS, then you would have something to complain about!

– Charles Linskaill

The complaints will rise and rise as long as compensation is paid without going to court. The NHS will be seen as an easy hit for compensation for many of our citizens who don’t care about anyone except themselves.

– Micro Brain

The NHS doesn’t get the credit for what it does. No headlines there. My family 
has had good treatment over 
the years, only comment sometimes it takes a wee while to get sorted. The complaint numbers should be shown in percentage terms of the total patients treated. Bring back the matron and a better uniform for nurses.

– William John

Early symptoms tend to be vague and non-specific: the definitive signs and symptoms in most diseases come later; people with the same symptoms can have very different problems and vice versa. Therefore, it is all too easy to make the “wrong” diagnosis sometimes. It is standard medical practice to form a “differential diagnosis” ie a list of possibilities to work through until the “right” answer is found. That isn’t the same as being negligent or careless.

– Sceptical