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"Well, as the Conservatives will never be in power, their future intentions are irrelevant!”

Hate Crime Bill

Scottish Conservatives pledge to repeal the Hate Crime Bill

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If the Tories are against it, it must be good. Perhaps they wish to protect the Royal Family.

Donald Neil

Conservative party would be at a loss with out hate speech.

Margaret McQuarrie

Well that legislation won’t ever be repealed then.

Jim Jackson

Well, as the Conservatives will never be in power, their future intentions are irrelevant!

Bodman Austin

Imagine that. How obnoxious to have democracy in action. The audacity of the parliament to refuse to accept the supremacy of a few Conservatives over the rest!

Martin O'Neill

Good luck with that Mr Ross. If I win, I pledge to give every single Scot £1million tax free. I think I have a rather better chance.

Jo Don

I cannot believe the most liberal party of all, the Lib Dems, voted for this backward legislation!

Dougie Young

This Hate Crime Bill was universally disliked but this is what happens when a government thinks it simply knows better than the people and is morally obliged to treat you like your concerns don't matter. Most things that special interests groups say they want, they already have gay rights, women's rights and such already exists and discrimination is already against the law. Humza Yousaf now wants the very act of Wrong Think or Speak to be punishable.

Michael John-William Smith

Scottish Conservatives all alone as all other Scottish parties support Hate Crime Bill, what a surprise. They were the only party to oppose the Scottish Budget as well.

David Richardson

So they like hate crimes then? Just say it.

Alys Louise

Maybe they should be wondering why they are the only party against it. Or are they so arrogant they think they are the only ones who got it right?

Lesley Anthony

The Tories are going to have to come up with ways to make Scotland actually better than just attack the Scottish government now. ScotGov are trying to protect people from bigots and racists.

Daz Ostler

Gagged by the state.

Will Murray

Indyref poll

Only a quarter of Scots want an independence referendum in the next year, says poll

It’s going to take time for independence to happen after May - a lengthy process of negotiation. However, I think the time is right because as Covid recedes, a rebuilding of each country will be needed. We should take this time as a real opportunity to develop a greener, modern economy based on our many natural resources and the wellbeing of Scottish people. We need to be able to follow our own path for I do not want to have any part in the sort of culture that Westminster stands for.

Yvonne Mackay

Sounds like an excellent time for a referendum to seal the rejection of independence and see the SNP disappear for good.

Denys McNair

Why are people in this country so opposed in being politically involved and active through their right to vote? It is almost as if most see it as a burden, even every five years electing a government seems too much. But then they moan at every opportunity about their lives, politics and current affairs. I really do not get it at all!

Nodrog Elechim

Guess we’ll find out in May what people want.

Rich Watson

Just get it done before the government in England can do any more damage.

Barry Kirk

I’d really like to know where they find these numpties who object to a vote. What do they have to fear?

Alan Mitchell

Sarah Everard

Police under fire after clashes with women at Clapham vigil

I think the irony is lost on the Met Police....Sarah's alleged attacker is a serving police officer. After a summer of BLM marches, at the peak of the Covid pandemic and police 'taking the knee'....I am utterly appalled by the unnecessary heavy handedness here. Never thought we would end up living in what seems more like a police state.

Helen Miln

The police were doing their job. I’m sure there were just as many women officers as there were male officers in attendance. The whole country knows the Covid rules and the police are there to uphold them.

Kelley Thomson