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The Smallpox Outbreak, 21 April, 1950

None of the six persons who died in the recent smallpox outbreak in Glasgow had been successfully vaccinated, stated the Joint Under Secretary of State for Scotland (Miss Herbison) in a written reply to Sir Jocelyn Lucas (C Portsmouth S). Miss Herbison stated that all hospital and other authorities were being reminded of the need to ensure that vaccination was offered in all persons on recruitment to such staffs of fever hospitals and revaccination offered periodically. To Mr Prescott (C, Darwen) Miss Herbison stated that the total number of patients definitely established to be suffering from smallpox was 18. The possibility of any further spread of the disease was remote. Earlier the Minister of Health Mr Bevan was asked by Mr Reid (Lab, Swindon) where recent smallpox infections had originated. He said all the cases were traced to an Asian seaman who arrived in London on 5 March. It was not yet possible to establish the source of the infection.