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THEATRE Lsd, 10 June, 1949

Financial details concerning the Glasgow Citizens' Theatre's successes and failures during the season now closing were given by Dr OH Mavor (James Bridie), the chairman of directors, when he spoke at the annual meeting of the Citizens' Theatre Society last night. Dr Mavor, who pointed out that the information he was divulging would be of unusual interest to those who were interested in the formation of a Scottish National Theatre, said that since September 1948, the Citizens' had shown 13 plays of their own, excluding the current play, and had played a six weeks season to capacity audiences in Ayr. Seven made a profit, six made a loss. Five of their plays, he continued, were classics or near classics. These were, Macbeth, An Enemy of the People, Let Wives Tak' Tent, Thrse Raquin (Guilty) and Dear Brutus. Shakespeare made a profit of 235. Molire made 4. Zola and Barrie between them lost the Citizens' 2,600 – "a lot of money".