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Grounding of the Queen Elizabeth, 18 June, 1949

AWARDS totalling 43,500, with costs, to a dozen tugs for salvage services to the liner Queen Elizabeth when she went aground in Southampton Water in April 1947 were made by Mr Justice Willmer in the Admiralty Court yesterday.

Six Admiralty tugs were awarded a total of 16,500; one tug owned by Metal Industries (Salvage) Ltd, and one belonging to Metal Industries Ltd of Glasgow, were awarded 15,000 between them; and four tugs owned by a Southampton firm were awarded a sum of 12,000.

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The Cunard White Star Line, owners of the Queen Elizabeth, had said that there was an agreement dating from 1925 that the owners of the four latter tugs would not claim for salvage services to the Cunard and allied companies; but Mr Justice Willmer held that the contract did not preclude a claim for services rendered after the Queen Elizabeth went aground.