Scots’ sin of pride

In the referendum campaign, we have heard much from “proud Scots” – now almost synonymous with No voters.

Personally, I have always been a little squeamish about flag-waving and pride in what, for most of us, is no more than an accident of birth.

And there is much in modern Scotland not to be proud of; there is much in modern Scotland to be profoundly ashamed of.

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There are huge inequalities in education, health, housing and life expectancy; Westminster policies are forcing the working poor to use food banks; the already low levels of benefits of the weak and the vulnerable are being reduced; the disabled and immigrants are being demonised; banking excesses continue; and Europe’s largest nuclear weapons arsenal is on the Clyde.

I want to change these things and I want to be proud of the changes. That is why I shall be voting Yes on 18 September.

(Prof) Bryan 

Beaconsfield Place