Scots myth

I would be very surprised if Mancunian-born (and accented) Corporal Kurt Lee does not consider himself an Englishman, yet you refer to him as a “Scots hero of Taleban battle” (18 June).

Brave the Lossiemouth-based the corporal undoubtedly is, but a “Braveheart”?

This nonsense of dubbing Scottish residents – JK Rowling, Prof Peter Higgs and so on – as “Scots” is rather pathetic.

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We have a disproportionate share of Scottish-born great thinkers, scientists and artists to be proud of without hanging onto the coat-tails of distinguished incomers, even if we are delighted they have chosen to live here.

The other side of the coin is the media’s reluctance to call someone “English” when they are, and no doubt proud of it, often choosing the rather silly “Briton”, (which I have never heard anyone claim to be).

This pussyfooting, which may be politically motivated, does neither nationality any honour. Please stop it.

David Roche

Alder Grove