Scotland on Sunday readers' letters: Reality of ‘achievements’ is less than wonderful

Received through the post today another glossy A3 leaflet from Mr David Mundell headed “Community with David Mundell MP”.

It purports to be a newsletter, but in reality is simply another piece of self agrandisement.

The Mundell puff piece is full of snippets of “information” setting out all the wonderful things that he has been doing for his constituents.

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The reality is somewhat less than wonderful. Mr Mundell has been a Tory MP for decades and was for a long time a Westminster government minister. As such he can take credit for things his government has achieved for Scotland (can anyone think of any?) but he also bears personal responsibility for its failings.

The use of foodbanks has increased under this Conservative government, says reader.The use of foodbanks has increased under this Conservative government, says reader.
The use of foodbanks has increased under this Conservative government, says reader.

The Tories have been in power for the last 12 years. In that time what have they achieved? I'll tell you. They have achieved the highest inflation for 40 years; the highest taxation in 70 years; the biggest drop in living standards since 1956; the biggest fall in wages since records began; UK trade performance at the worst level on record; UK businesses crucified by Brexit red tape and extra costs; farmers and fishermen without the support they had from the EU and which they were promised by Boris Johnson; chaos at airports; unpicked fruit and vegetables rotting in the fields; two million adults unable to afford to eat properly every day; millions of children living in poverty; increased use of food banks; increased homelessness; fuel poverty and falling life expectancy.

The Tory government tries to suggest that all these manifest failings are caused by the pandemic, the Russia/Ukraine war, world economic conditions and so on. Anything but accept that they themselves bear a large responsibility for the situation the UK is in.

Scotland hasn't voted for a Westminster Tory government since 1955 but it keeps getting them because other parts of the UK seem to want them.

But the only way that Scotland can avoid having decisions made for it by Westminster is by leaving the UK behind and forging its own path as a wealthy, medium-sized independent country. If Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway and even Iceland can do it so can we.

David Howdle, Dumfries, Scottish Borders

Political overtures

Should the Eurovision Song Contest be held in Glasgow, I hope any SNP involvement is kept to the absolute minimum.

Not only because of their well-deserved "reverse Midas” reputation for messing up anything with which they become involved and the inevitable saltire overkill, but because this is primarily a Ukrainian occasion.

PR-hungry local politicians should for once maintain a low profile and not mar the enjoyment of the rest of Europe with their infantile posing and photo-ops.

Alexander McKay, Edinburgh

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Financial consequences

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My blood was boiling to see Depute First Minister of Scotland John Swinney begging Westminster for more money to pay Scottish workers.

What about the vast amount of money the SNP have wasted on projects such as Prestwick Airport, BiFab, Ferries, Scottish steel etc.

Under the Barnett Formula Scotland gets a handsome mark up on all monies allocated by Westminster but if the SNP choose to pour vast amounts of money down the drain then they have to take the consequences.

Dennis Forbes Grattan, Aberdeen

No cull for gulls

During the summer holidays there are almost always scare stories of gulls “attacking” people, usually exaggerated by the media and very rare indeed, but inevitably leading to calls to cull them.

The holiday period coincides with the birds' breeding season and, being such fierce defenders of their young, the birds may occasionally become aggressive to see off any perceived threat. To cull wild animals for protecting their offspring is nothing short of ludicrous.

Despite this, even if gulls are causing issues, there are a number of effective, humane methods that can be used to discourage them from nesting on flat roofs or chimneys, or from rummaging in our rubbish.

Animal Aid has free advice sheets that detail several humane, non-lethal methods that people can use to deter gulls and other unwanted guests. We should show tolerance to these birds, not least because they are just being good parents, and some gull populations are in very serious decline.

Download a factsheet at:

Jessamy Korotoga, Animal Aid, Tonbridge


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