A Satanic miss

I see that Pope Francis has compared the systematic rape and torture within the Catholic Church to “performing a Satanic Mass”.

This may be seen as a step in the right direction to some, but I am glad not to be burdened with the same distorted moral relativism as “His Holiness”.

A Satanic Mass is a silly, pantomime-like ritual performed mainly, I would imagine, by marginalised members of society with mental health issues. It is, moreover, neither illegal nor immoral to participate in such activity. The rape and torture of children, however, is arguably the worst crime a human being can commit.

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Still, I suppose the Pope’s statement is progress of the most 
glacial sort.

Let us see if it is backed up by action this time, leading to the prosecution and incarceration of monsters, whose only comfort can be the knowledge that there is no Hell for them to go to.

Julia Wait