Salmond rumbled

It is only 80 days since the 
people of Scotland overwhelmingly rejected the independence argument put forward by Alex Salmond, and yet he announces he will stand for the West-
minster Parliament – which 
just 80 days ago he attempted 
to persuade Scotland to reject forever.

Having stated that he would remain as an MSP after the 
referendum, this act of self-
aggrandisement is simply breathtaking.

His conceit when he talks of “rumbling up” the Westminster elite – as he proudly announces he has done before – is sheer 
arrogance and his desire to hear the applause of his acolytes is a hunger that continually needs to be fed.

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It is also clear that an MP’s salary of £67,000 plus expenses, paid for by the people of the United Kingdom, causes him no embarrassment at all.

I very much hope that the constituents of Gordon, who have been so admirably served by Sir Malcolm Bruce for more than 30 years, will reject Mr 
Salmond as their representative as decisively as they rejected 
his flawed arguments for independence.

He will then be in a position to draw upon his ex First Minister’s pension.

Richard Allison

Braehead Loan


For decades, Nigel Farage has contemptuously denounced the European Parliament whilst insisting that Britain must leave the European Union.

In July of this year, the 
Ukip leader told the EU parliament that he would soon be quitting as MEP for the South East region.

For decades, Alex Salmond has contemptuously denounced the UK parliament whilst insisting that Scotland must leave the United Kingdom.

Mr Salmond has now told us he will soon be endeavouring to get back “in” to the UK parliament as MP for the (carefully targeted) Gordon constituency in Aberdeenshire.

With Mr Farage also aiming to be in the House of Commons after next year’s general election, these two men could soon be swapping separatist tactics, slogans and sound-bites on the opposition backbenches.

Keith Gilmour

Netherton Gardens