Salmond and the Adams tendency

I USED to be rather inclined towards the idea of Scottish independence. The recent behaviour of the present Holyrood incumbents has certainly scuppered that idea .

We have a First Minister who marches against firms which simply want to manage their own affairs, who tries to gatecrash conferences to which he is not invited and threatens to sue TV companies for his non-inclusion in the proposed debates for leaders of the main parties at Westminster – when he will not be contesting a Westminster seat and isn't the leader of his own party in that forum.

His wish of "hanging the Westminster government by a Scottish rope" in the event of a non-decisive election result can only lead to further alienation of Scotland from our UK partners. In fact, continual reference to "The Westminster government" by Mr Salmond as if it were some foreign and inimical organisation is reminiscent of Gerry Adams' "The British Government". If Mr Salmond wishes to be a bed-mate of the latter he is perfectly at liberty to apply – but please don't expect me to join in.

Dr A McCormick, Terregles