Salmon scare lacks evidence

THE various complaints and letters submitted by Protect Wild Scotland (“Supermarkets sell Norwegian fish as ‘Scots’ Salmon,” 10 August) do not offer a shred of evidence that: intensively farmed Norwegian fish are being sold as wild Scottish salmon; wild salmon are being sold as farmed or products labelled as Scottish are actually Norwegian or Faroese.

These claims are completely false and are designed to mislead consumers, whilst damaging the salmon industry.

Protect Wild Scotland blames the salmon industry for the demise of wild salmon and are attempting to do anything to malign the reputation of this industry.

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The fact is that the only thing that Protect Wild Scotland wants to protect is the interests of those landowners who promote hunting, shooting and fishing. What is left of Scotland’s wild salmon stocks remain threatened because Protect Wild Scotland does not advocate that anglers adopt mandatory catch and release to ensure that every salmon returning to Scotland’s rivers survives.

Dr Martin Jaffa

Callander McDowell, Manchester

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