Russian state

Martin Conroy (Letters, 26 
August) suggests that the Russian state is correct to want to return to “the old moral order, namely Christianity”.

I’m quite comfortable with individuals practising their own private religious beliefs, however Mr Conroy seems to be suggesting that Christianity should ­dictate the behaviour and actions of society at large.

In a society where Christian believers are in the minority, and the fastest growing group is non-religious, can he really be serious?

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Let me venture further by suggesting that society’s preoccupation with the bedroom activities of others stems from an Old Testament mentality, which should have been left in the Bronze Age.

If Mr Conroy is sincere in his concern for his fellow citizens, let him come forward with suggestions, and show the famous Christian compassion, not lambast our modern, progressive and increasingly secular society.

Gary McLelland

Duke Wynd


I was fascinated to see that Donald J Morrison regards Russia’s persecution of gay and lesbian people as “wiser and more discerning” than the behaviour of our own dear Scottish First Minister and his deputy (Letters, 26 August).

I thought the whole UK had learned from the ridiculous Section 28 fiasco that sexual orientation is not a lifestyle choice but an innate predisposition.

I also thought that Russia was a totalitarian dictatorship.

However, given his dissatisfaction with things in Scotland, Mr Morrison could always apply for asylum in Russia. I’m sure his values would be most welcome there.

(Dr) Mary Brown

Dalvenie Road


I am struggling to think of an 
example of someone who calls himself a Christian writing to your Letters page encouraging people to be kinder to each other.

Instead, most of those who do write in seem suspiciously obsessed with telling everyone else who they should not be allowed to love. What a strange interpretation of Jesus’s teachings.


Ferry Road