Royal opinions

Whether or not David Cameron has properly apologised to Her Majesty over his gossipy 
disclosure, if indeed it was a true disclosure, is not the issue.

The concern is whether Her Majesty had a strong opinion in an area that was none of her 

It shouldn’t have mattered to her whether she was sovereign to two entities or to one. An independent Scotland would have looked after her probably better than she is currently looked after by Great Britain.

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Now, Scots will always have that doubt at the back of their minds about Her Majesty’s loyalty to Scotland – there being no doubt about Scotland’s loyalty to her.

Margaret E Salmond

Dunbar Street


Allegations of independence referendum voting fraud are being made, sufficient for some folk to press for a recount or a revote.

If there is hard evidence to back up claims of fraud, that evidence must be lodged with the police. Only if extensive fraud is proven is there a semblance of a case for any voting reassessment, or a revote.

David Stevenson (Letters, 30 September) referred to alleged substitution and/or stuffing of ballot boxes, and suggested that a recount would not anyway be adequate: his alternative was to organise a “sample survey asking people how they voted”, checking responses against the official count.

Such post-voting surveys would lack any validity, there being absolutely no checks on individuals’ veracity. The referendum polling was run in accordance with the strict rules laid out, and it is hard to see how the 
result could possibly have been gerrymandered.

Joe Darby



David Stevenson (Letters, 30 September) is one more example of discontent amongst Yes voters flourishing in the absence of any unambiguous assertion from Yes campaign leaders that the count was not rigged.

Should we really believe that experienced campaigners on both sides were duped into missing misconduct during the count, or that the staff involved, many of them local government employees, were complicit in deceit?

Perhaps the reality is that the Yes leadership are delighted that discontent, even that based on myth and distortion, is allowed to ferment.

Is Scotland such a political backwater that it needs its elections and referenda supervised by the group of external bodies suggested? It’s the outcome that has to be taken seriously, not the mischievous and maligning notions perpetuated by some.

Richard Perry

Kirkbank Road