Rowling’s choice

In defending her donation of £1 million to Better Together, JK Rowling is quoted as saying: “If we leave, though, there will be no going back. This separation will not be quick and clean: it will take microsurgery to disentangle three centuries of close interdependence, after which we will have to deal with three bitter neighbours.

“I doubt that an independent Scotland will be able to bank on its ex-partners’ fond memories of the old relationship once we’ve left. The rest of the UK will have had no say in the biggest change to the Union in centuries, but will suffer the economic consequences.”

Doubtless this statement will be attacked and ridiculed by the more stringent Yes supporters who believe that dissent is something that should not be allowed in the debate.

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Rowling also states that there are advantages to independence, something I would concur with. However, it is wrong to deceive the Scottish people into thinking that their government can force economic changes such as currency union and insist on open borders etc without incurring some bitterness.

If we do separate we will have to accept that the population and government of rUK will act to protect its people.

We are beginning to hear stupid arguments – Scotland will reduce air passenger duty and this will bring passengers from Newcastle to Edinburgh.

It may, but as most flights will connect through Heathrow all but the Scotland-rUK sector will be subject to UK air passenger duty.

It is time the SNP stopped threatening its potential neighbours both in rUK and the EU as current comments will only lead to bad feeling and a lack of co-operation in the event of a Yes vote.

The First Minister cannot force rUK to do anything but rUK can prove his guarantees completely false.

(Dr) Roger I 

Turretbank Place