Road safety

I read with interest the letter from Chief Superintendent Iain Murray detailing the guiding principles and initiatives to improve traffic behaviour and safety (22 October) but, sadly, the reality is different, or Police Scotland does not have jurisdiction in West Liberton, Edinburgh.

For more than two years, local residents have been campaigning for traffic enforcement and the introduction of satisfactory traffic calming measures on Liberton Drive to combat excessive speeding and dangerous overtaking.

We have had mixed support from local politicians and, in the days of Lothian and Borders Police, we had good ongoing support, via Howden Hall Police Station, who helped organise police speed checks in the area from time to time. The new police regime has been less supportive, although the traffic problems are well known.

The Road Safety Department of City of Edinburgh Council has been continually approached and pressed for help over this period, but requests for speed cameras or speed bumps/cushions have been declined.

The council recommended installation of traffic islands incorporating a speed gate.


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Following installation of two islands, further speed assessment data was obtained by the council showing that their measures have actually increased speeds on Liberton Drive residential area.

The speed limit is 30mph but a high proportion of vehicles are travelling at 40mph or greater.

Perhaps Chief Superintendent Murray could implement in this area on a regular basis some of the enforcement measures he wrote about until the Council Road Safety Department install permanent traffic calming measures that actually work.

Fraser MacGregor


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