Road safety

The Food Standards Agency is putting pressure on retailers after a study found nearly three-quarters of supermarket chickens were contaminated with potentially deadly campylobacter (your report, 29 May). It is now said to be the biggest food safety concern in the UK.

With the bug being responsible for some 280,000 infections a year and 100 deaths, a spokesman from Which? said: “It beggars belief that nearly three-quarters of chickens on sale in supermarkets are still infected with this potentially deadly bug.”

We now have the technology to kill 99.9 per cent of household bacteria, so doesn’t it beggar believe we can’t have a more sensible approach to road safety?

Some 3,000 cyclists a year are being killed or seriously injured on UK roads. Why aren’t drivers caught using a mobile phone banned from driving as drink drivers are?

Allan Ramsay


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